‘A Commitment to Excellence’….. that’s the slogan that Sesame Foods Limited was founded on in 1983 by founders Zainool Hassanali, Shaffina Hassanali and Hafeez Hassanali.

The company was started over 35 years ago and has remained committed to providing quality products to ‘you’ the consumer at an affordable price. Since its inception, the company has increased in size, both in terms of products as well as its overall geographics but one thing that has been constant throughout this process is our commitment to providing customers with the best products without compromising our core values.

Sesame Foods Limited has been a forerunner in the Chick Peas (Channa) and Peanut industry for the past 2 decades but with changes in both local and international markets, new products have been introduced to give customers products that are synonymous with the ‘Nut Kings’ name.

We have grown and will continue to grow and will ensure that we provide the best customer service and the best products available on the market today